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Notice of Student Council Server Transition

Effective July 1, 2012 the Student Council Server will no longer be hosting CIO websites. If a CIO's website is hosted on the Student Council Server, the CIO will need to transition it to alternative hosting service or consider starting a new website on a new platform. After July 1, 2012 all sites on the Student Council Server will be redirected to an information page that will provide general information about CIOs.

The decision to transition CIO websites from the Student Council Server comes after much consideration about how to best support the needs and desires of CIOs as it relates to a web presence. After reviewing the results of a CIO website survey conducted earlier this year and as part of our ongoing assessment of our technical needs and resources, we believe CIOs will be better served through other services. As such, platforms such as Wordpress and/or Social Media outlets provide simple, free, and robust solutions for CIOs web presence needs. Further, the development of these new and free platforms allow users increased functionality with greater ease of use when compared to the Student Council Server.

 In preparation for this transition, CIOs should begin evaluating their organization’s online presence to determine the organization’s specific needs. Throughout the transition, the Office of the Dean of Students-Student Activities and Student Council will provide information and resources to CIOs to assist during this transition. As many have requested, we will be providing resources, sharing best practices, and delivering workshops in the next few weeks to support CIOs in this transition.

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CIO Website Information

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