Constitution and Bylaws

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UJC Constitution

The UJC Constitution contains the general guidelines and rules for the Judiciary Committee. It governs most of the judicial process at the University. For Mandarin click here for UJC_Constitution_Chinese_version.

UJC Bylaws

The UJC Bylaws are the operating procedures for the UJC. For the Bylaws in Spanish click this link: UJC Bylaws, Spanish.

UJC BOV Resolution

The UJC BOV Resolution is the resolution in which the Board of Visitors delegate the power to the UJC to investigate, adjudicate, and administer the Standards of Conduct.

Contributory Health Impairment Procedures

The CHI procedure is for students alleged to have violated one or more of the University of Virginia Standards of Conduct who may be suffering Health problems. Click here for the bylaws.

Judicial Review Board Procedures

The University Judicial Review Board is an external body charged with hearing appeals from the UJC. These are the JRB Procedures for Appeals (requires Adobe Acrobat).

Sanction Guidelines

These guidelines cover Essay and Choices Classes sanctions imposed by the Committee.

FY Appeal Procedure

This the procedure for appealing a First Year hearing sanction.