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UJC hears from Office of the Dean of Students case manager on working with students

The University Judiciary Committee invited Case Manager Shelby Gibson to talk at its General Body meeting about how to work with students accused of a standard violation.


UJC announces plan to analyze and publish Historical Documents

The University Judiciary Committee has undertaken a project to examine and analyze important historical documents relating to the judiciary committee’s past.

New Executives Take Over

The University Judiciary Committee officially welcomed its new executive members and heard remarks from graduating executive members in an official change to new leadership on Sunday.


UJC Chair Mitch Wellman

Riley Walsh| Cavalier Daily

Peter Bautz elected UJC chair

Yesterday, the University Judiciary Committee elected its next Chair and Vice Chairs. The incoming voting members discussed future goals for the University Judiciary Committee.


UJC Chair Peter Bautz

Isabel Lotocki | Cavalier Daily

UJC discusses referenda results, proposed bylaws changes

The University Judiciary Committee met for the first time Sunday following the elections to discuss proposed bylaws changes and election results.

Four UJC referenda aimed at clarifying ambiguities, language in constitution pass

All University Judiciary Committee referenda up for consideration in this year’s University elections passed. In addition, a new set of Representatives were elected (View Full UBE Election Results).


UJC discusses referenda, widening sanctions

The University Judiciary Committee met Sunday to discuss initiatives to widen possible sanctions and impending referenda.


Four University Judiciary Committee referenda to appear on the ballot

Students will have the opportunity in the upcoming University-wide elections to vote on four amendments proposed by the University Judiciary Committee. Proposed amendments seek to update language, clarify ambiguities in UJC constitution.

UJC may expand definition of bias-motivated violations

The University Judicial Council may have several constitutional amendments on the ballot in the next University election.


First Year Judiciary Committee elects Chair, Vice Chair

First-year College students Sam Powers and Emma Westerhof, the newly selected chair and vice chair of the First Year Judiciary Committee, will begin their duties next week, as the First Year Judiciary Committee begins its first round of trials.

UJC Awareness Week works to engage U.Va. community

With a theme of “Hold Yourself to a Higher Standard” (a play on the 12 Standards of Conduct), the UJC’s Awareness Week helped students understand that the UJC is a resource for the University community.


UJC invites dean to discuss hazing

At it’s most recent general body meeting, the UJC discussed hazing at the University and the upcoming UJC Awareness Week.


UJC prepares for upcoming outreach events

The University Judiciary Committee discussed UJC Awareness Week during their meeting on Sunday. Additionally, the Committee covered the role that each support officer is to play in trial.

UJC welcomes 42 new members in general body meeting

In general body this week, the University Judiciary Committee welcomed 42 new members.

UJC reflects on dark beginnings in bi-weekly meeting

The University Judiciary Committee reflected on the history surrounding the formation of the Committee in their latest general body meeting.

UJC Executive Committee 2016-2016
Richard Dizon | Cavalier Daily

UJC holds first general body meeting of the year

The University Judiciary Committee had its first general body meeting for the 2016-2017 academic year Sunday.